Cannabis Smoking Accessories

Wraps, cones, papers, dab straws, and anything you need to elevate your cannabis experience are available at Lucky Lion. We accommodate requirements with exceptional quality to optimize convenience, practicality, and enjoyment. Whether you’re new to cannabis or seasoned and proficient, the right tools make the difference.

From dabbing concentrates and smoking flower to vapes and cartridges, Lucky Lion ensures you’re all set to enjoy, appreciate and get the very most out of your cannabis. As a recreational and medicinal dispensary, we cater to all different objectives and passions, and our educated staff is here to assist. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations, assistance, and information.

In need of marijuana wraps, cones, papers, or other accessories? Visit Lucky Lion today!

Lucky Lion includes four locations, with three in Portland and one in Eugene. We’re never more than a quick trip and always worth your time. Step inside our modern, secure, and sophisticated dispensaries and feel welcomed and at ease. We like it best when there’s no hurry and encourage you to take your time and browse. However, for those occasions when an expedited process is necessary, feel free to order online and pick-up in store.

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