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Recreational Marijuana

Oregon law allows adults age 21 and older to possess, buy and use cannabis. There are limits to the amount of marijuana legal age adults are allowed to possess, differing slightly between possession on private property or in public.

Recreational Cannabis in Portland & Eugene, OR

Lucky Lion offers free parking at our four conveniently located dispensaries. You can easily access us in Portland and Eugene, where we welcome you to explore a variety of outstanding THC and CBD products. We are something different and most definitely better. Getting our start as a grow operation and expanding years later into the retail side, we understand, value and control the cultivation process.

Learn more about our recreational marijuana products!

At Lucky Lion, we believe in what we do, take a great deal of pride in our strains, and get excited by specialties such as Dogwalker, Champagne Cake, and Kush mints. Visit us to find something new as well as trusted favorites. Our impressive selection is a showcase of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, extracts, tinctures, topicals, vapes/cartridges, edibles, and accessories.

For new as well as familiar faces, our educated staff looks forward to assisting you. At Lucky Lion, we’re always happy to answer questions, share our knowledge and make recommendations. We know our products, and we appreciate getting to know your preferences. If you don’t have the time for an in-depth chat, no worries. You can always expedite the process by shopping/ordering online and taking advantage of in-store pickup. No matter how you approach your cannabis, you’ll find a wonderful experience at Lucky Lion.

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