Lucky Lion
In 2015, Lucky Lion was established and quickly became a premier indoor cannabis cultivator in Oregon. In an effort to connect more with the consumer, Lucky Lion entered the retail side of the cannabis industry in 2019, opening our flagship store in Northeast Portland. Today, we have multiple retail locations that allow us to delivers fine products and a luxury experience that is accessible to all.
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Buddies™ is a West Coast cannabis brand rooted to the core elements of cannabis. We offer a holistic and unique cannabis experience. With years of combined experience in cultivation and processing, Buddies™ understands the craftsmanship and evolution of the industry and what it has become today.
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Hellavated offers a wide range of Vapes including Profilez, Strainz, Terpz and Gummiez. Check out their inventory in our menu today!
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Mellow Vibes
Mellow Vibes's mission is to create self-fulfilling lives through reliable products and ignite opportunity by spreading the power of the VIBE. For more than two decades, we have been in the manufacturing industry focused on high-quality artisanal small-batch products. The Mellow Vibes brand represents an obsession for crafting delicious edibles & elixirs that evoke experiences to inspire and connect us all.
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Entourage Cannabis
Entourage Cannabis’ works year round providing clients with cannabis and cannabis extracts. Hand selected strains of cannabis from across the globe, grown in a proprietary blend of organic soil and processed into one of the purest cannabis oils in the market today.
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Select Cannabis
Our story started when our founder identified a cleaner, safer option for vaporizer pen technology. From there, we've worked to innovate and set standards around testing, company culture, brand and more.
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Drops Candies
On our farm, we embrace the benefits of the outdoors – sustainability, efficiency, and plant resilience. These are the same principles that guided our 30 years’ experience as vintners in the Willamette Valley. Today, they are what make Smoky Flower Farm™ one of Oregon’s premier cannabis grows.
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OreKron was founded in 2012 as the brain child of Conor Carey and Richard Nicklas, who aligned on the dream while working for Clackamas Greenhouses. Conor and Rich, two huge cannabis advocates, made it their mission to deliver the best flower at the best value to Oregon cannabis consumers. They took their combined 35+ years of experience growing in greenhouses and applied it to the crop they loved the most— cannabis
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Disco Dabs
Since 2013 the founders of Sitka Northwest have made extracts using closed-loop systems. Over the years we have continued to evolve our processes to increase quality and consistency of the products we produce. We have taken these experiences and used them to craft our state-of-the-art facility where the magic of Sitka Northwest happens. Check out our videos for a deeper dive in to what it is to be on the Sitka Northwest team!
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As native Oregonians, we work to build the industry into the best it can be, beginning with integrity and sustainability. We intentionally set (and re-set) the industry standards higher so that you can relax and enjoy the result. Doing cannabis right since 2015.
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Wyld Cannabis
Wyld gummies are made with real fruit ingredients and natural flavors for authentic, true-to-fruit flavor. Wyld gummies use cannabis extracts blended with unique botanical and fruit terpenes to craft our world class flavors, effects and experiences. Wyld products are designed and continuously improved by a team of food scientists who work daily to create our industry leading cannabis edibles. Our stringent manufacturing standards and quality controls ensure consistent dosing and flavor throughout every batch of product we produce.
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Concrete Jungle
Our goal is to provide you with premium extracts, at an affordable cost. We do small batch, limited runs with high-quality flower. As native Oregonians, we strive to set industry standards with Pacific Northwest energy.
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Our cannabis-infused edibles are formulated to give you the perfect experience no matter the time of day. From our fair trade chocolate to our beautifully crafted Sugar-Coated Pearls, your next THC edible will give you a reason to smile.
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Mule Extracts
We recognize that discerning consumers need an entirely organic craft product tailored to fit their active lifestyle while taking advantage of nutritional and therapeutic benefits the flower has to offer. We continuously strive for individuality, meaning that we are always searching for new formulations and products to bring to market that will provide an incredibly unique experience.
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Hapy Kitchen
From artisan baked goods to sweet treats and tasty tinctures, we always crafts the best focused-spectrum cannabis edibles in Oregon. By infusing terpene blends into our THC, CBD, and 1:1 products, such as Fruit Smackers, and Tinctures, we deliver an entourage effect in both flavor and the desired Uplifting or Relaxing experience that consumers understand and trust.
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Mana Extracts has a mantra; never produce anything if it isn't going to be the best. This mindset applies to every aspect of our business. We hand select the best possible plants to harvest, constantly and meticulously perfect lab processes, discover new ways to increase product quality, and are pioneering a new generation of concentrate products that will be the new gold standard of the industry. If it has our name on it, you know you're getting the best.
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A mainstream outdoor and infused cannabis brand, with over 2 million pre-rolls sold between Oregon and California to date.
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