Cannabis-Infused Edibles in Portland & Eugene, OR

Along with gummies, gummies, and more gummies, you’ll find chocolates, crispy treats, peanut butter cups, cookies, and beverages in every imaginable flavor at Lucky Lion. Sativas, indicas, hybrids, and high CBD offer incredible potency, ease of consumption, and discretion. Shop premier brands such as Fire Dept, Buddies, Mellow Vibes, Wyld, and an extensive list of the leading names in edibles.

Whether you’re searching for something fun and different or an effective treatment method, our selection of edibles is the answer. Lucky Lion represents four dispensary locations in Portland and Eugene, where we greet first-timers, seasoned recreational connoisseurs, and medicinal patients. Our edibles accommodate your lifestyle, fulfill a broad variety of needs, and are especially delicious.

For the best weed edibles, count on Lucky Lion!

Our incredible staff is educated in our products, happy to assist you, and looks forward to earning your loyalty. Along with exceptional edibles galore, our shop is designed to welcome and instill confidence. Both relaxed and professional, we create an environment where you can feel comfortable browsing, consulting, and making a secure purchase. For those with tighter schedules, we encourage online ordering and in-store pickup.

Edible Products, CBD Edibles & Pot Edibles Happy Valley, OR, Springfield, OR, Portland, OR, Oregon City, OR, Lake Oswego, OR & Eugene, OR

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