Marijuana ConcentratesCannabis ConcentratesWeed Concentrates ∴ Eugene, OR

Cannabis ConcentratesWeed ConcentratesMarijuana Concentrates ∴ Eugene, OR

Premium Cannabis Concentrates

Lucky Lion has some of the finest quality cannabis products in the state. If you’re residing around Eugene, OR or just visiting, visit our weed shop! We have some of the best cannabis products around including vapes, edibles, flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, extracts and more!

We carry some of the best concentrates around if you enjoy dabbing or cooking with cannabis! We always have deals, so check out our online menu to see where you can save some cash for top-quality concentrates. We have some of the most reputable brands including Disco Dabs, Mana Extracts, Vital Earth, and so much more. We have a huge assortment of different concentrates with something good for everybody including Live Resin, Rosin, Sugar, Sauce, Diamonds and much more.

Your Eugene Weed Concentrate Experts

If you’re looking for a good sativa concentrate, you may want to try some of the best sativa strains such as Pineapple Express or Super Silver Haze for a boost of energy and creativity! If you’re trying to find something that will help you relax and ease your pain, you might want to try a good indica strain such as Runtz, Bel Air Wedding Cake, or Peanut Butter Souffle. We also have incredible hybrids such as Blueberry Glaze or Sour Apple. We have a wide range of flavors and unique highs for everybody in the community. Give us a call at (971) 407-3124 if you have any questions or want to place your order over the phone!

Marijuana Concentrates, Weed Concentrates & Cannabis Concentrates in Eugene, OR

Weed Concentrates in Eugene, OR | Marijuana Concentrates

Weed ConcentratesCannabis ConcentratesMarijuana Concentrates ∴ Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR

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