Pre Rolled WeedCannabis Pre RollsPre Rolls ∴ Portland, OR

Pre RollsPre Rolled WeedCannabis Pre Rolls ∴ Portland, OR

Premium Cannabis Pre-Rolls

When you’re looking to have the perfect cannabis smoking experience in Portland, OR, you’ll want to visit Lucky Lion for a fine selection of cannabis pre-rolls! We have everything you need with a huge selection of indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Our cannabis is top-quality with fair prices. You can go for regular pre-rolls in singles or packs. We also have infused pre-rolls for a superb smoking experience with a generous dosage of THC to really get you going throughout the day!

We carry some of the most reputable brands in the state including Entourage Cannabis, Hellavated, Midnight Trich, Thisthat, and many more! When you’re trying to relax and unwind, you may want to try some indica strains such as Champagne Cake, Kush Mints or Cream Cake. If you want a more uplifting high with feelings of inspiration and creativity, make sure to check out our sativa strains such as Lemon Pepper, Golden Pineapple, Manny Papayiao. The hybrid selections are also great with a balanced high that will have you feeling wonderful. Make sure to check out some of our hybrid strains such as Ocean Beach, Temple Kush, or Black Mamba. Don’t forget to check out our infused pre-rolls for the best smoking experience of your life!

Shop Pre-Rolls Online

If you want to see which pre-rolls we have in stock, check out our online menu! You can place your order online and drop by for convenient in-store pickup. If you have any questions about our pre-rolls, give us a call at (971) 407-3124! Our courteous and knowledgeable budtenders will help you find the perfect pre-rolls that will give you the satisfaction you’re looking for!

Cannabis Pre Rolls, Pre Rolls & Pre Rolled Weed in Portland, OR

Pre Rolls in Portland, OR | Pre Rolled Weed

Pre RollsPre Rolled WeedCannabis Pre Rolls ∴ Portland, OR

Portland, OR

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