Cannabis Vapes in Eugene & Portland, OR

Inexpensive, discreet, and convenient, vapes offer a flavorful method of enjoying concentrates or flower while significantly reducing the chance of inhaling carcinogens. It’s no surprise that smoking by way of vaporizing has become so popular. If you’re looking into the many benefits, stop in at one of our four locations across Portland and Eugene. Lucky Lion offers outstanding quality and a broad selection of cartridges and vapes to choose from.

Vaping is transforming the way consumers experience cannabis. Vape oil or THC oil is heated to the point of turning into vapor without requiring a combustion process. Because of this, there’s no smoke and the minimal odor dissipates quickly. When compared to traditional smoking, the lower heat level of vaping keeps terpenes intact and preserves more THC for greater effectiveness.

THC Vape Cartridges from Lucky Lion

You can easily transport your vape pen, take advantage of controlled dosing and regulate settings for how much you’re getting with each inhale. For new users as well as the more seasoned cannabis consumers, there are plenty of reasons to consider vaping. Lucky Lion welcomes you to explore possibilities and potential. Stop in and browse our selection of pods, cartridges, and accessories from brands like Buddies, Select, Sticks, Farmer’s Friend, & Hellavated. You can also access our menu online for in-store pickup.

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